Photo of our team

The staff

Administrative staff

Blanche Beckius-Voncken (Receiver)

Carole Werner (Secretary of the Board)

Administrative staff

Marc Ludwig (Social worker)

Annick Neven (Social worker)

Paul Waringo (Social worker)


Nathalie Muller (Social worker)

Board of Directors

President :

Gaston SCHON (commune de Niederanven)

Members :

Sylvie Sylvestre-Elter (commune de Junglinster)

Jenny Morth (commune de Betzdorf)

Gaston Schon (commune de Niederanven)

Irène Schmitt (commune de Junglinster)

Sonja Ugen (commune de Niederanven)

Paul Estgen (commune de Junglinster)

Ralphe Krier (commune de Betzdorf)

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