The Regional Social Inclusion Officer (ARIS)

The ARIS is the agent of the social office in the region of residence of the beneficiary. He provides support to all REVIS beneficiaries who are referred to ONIS by ADEM.

The role and missions of ARIS

He is responsible for
– the file and social follow-up of each beneficiary,
– advice and support to the organisation,
– The elaboration of activation agreements regarding the temporary assignment to works of collective utility,
– the organisation of regular evaluations.

Alex Reis

Contact person :

REIS Alexandra

Agent régional d’inclusion sociale (ARIS)

Office Social du Centrest

10, rue de Wormeldange
L-6955 Rodenbourg

We are looking for community service work (TUC)

Community service work is an activation measure organised by the National Office for Social Inclusion (ONIS) for recipients of the social inclusion income (REVIS).


A TUC can be organised with the following organisations, including

  • the State
  • the municipalities
  • public institutions
  • public utility institutions
  • associations, foundations and non-profit institutions.

What is the purpose ofcollective utility works?

By assignment to a TUC, beneficiaries can:

  • Gain social and professional experience
  • Improve their employability
  • Receive an activation allowance from the ONIS (calculated on the basis of the minimum social wage)

Taking charge of the ONIS :

The beneficiary is affiliated by the ONIS to the Mutual Centre for Social Security; the employer’s share of insurance contributions is paid by the National Solidarity Fund (FNS). The practical arrangements for the TUC are set out in an activation agreement to be signed between ONIS, the beneficiary and the head of the assigning organisation, which bears no financial burden.

The responsibilities of the assigning organisation

The assigning organisation undertakes to :

  • manage work organisation, working time, attendance and leave,
  • ensure adequate supervision of the beneficiary,
  • remain available for regular assessments of the beneficiary during the activation period.

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