About us

Inform – Directing – Accompanying


Why contact us?

Our missions:

  • inform about rights and duties

  • directing people to appropriate services

  • accompanying you in the steps you need to take

In the following domains:

Administrative procedures: forms to be completed, public writers, etc.
Employment:job search, job loss, reorientation, research/schooling, etc.
Family :childhood, youth, parenthood, elderly, family conflicts, divorce, domestic violence, etc.
Immigration/Integration:language courses, etc.
Justice :legal aid, protective measures, etc.
Housing:private market housing aids, social housing applications, supported and emergency housing, etc.
Financial problems:state aid, communal aid, social aid, budget guidance and management, etc.
Health:health insurance, disability, illness, old age, etc.
Social security 


Our services are free.

Our staff is subject to Professional Confidentiality.

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